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I am a "Mommy" to 3 breastfed babies and have been supporting moms (breastfeeding or NOT) since 2002  to help them meet or exceed their weight loss goals!


Once you begin an program, I will send you everything you need via email:

  • weighing and measuring guidelines,

  • eating guidelines,

  • testimonials for inspiration,

  • recipe ideas

  • info on the foods you should eat more in abundance

  • info on foods that you should eat more in moderation.

Eat 6 meals a day. Add Nutritional Mix (& Protein Powder) to food/beverage twice. Take your prenatals. uses some nutritional supplements to help get you on the right track, but we do not want you to rely on them all of your life!!  I believe in a permanent eating lifestyle change for long term results!

  • Average Weight Loss of 3-4 Pounds OR 3-4 Inches Per Week

  • No Daily Calorie Restrictions

  • Eat 5-7 Meals a Day!

  • No Exercise Required

  • Breastfeeding Safe!

  • Weight Loss Support Group & Support via email/phone

Support virtually 24 hours per day via phone, email and a Private Moms Support Group.  I will provide you with:

  • Tools to get started

  • Testimonials to give you inspiration

  • Support to meet your goal

  • Educational information to help you maintain it!

I encourage my customers to stay in contact with me because I care about them!  I would like to thank my wonderful customers for giving me a chance to work with them and I hope that you will give me an opportunity to work with you!

 AfterBaby.comI've been there!  You do not have to fight the "back fat" and "jelly belly" alone!  I want to help!


You DO NOT have to stop breastfeeding to lose weight!

Have Questions?  Need Prayer &/or Support?



615.625.2229 (BABY) direct
877.432.8567 (877.4FATLOSS)

If you reach the voicemail, please leave your name, email and reason for your call. I may be giving babies a bath, homeschooling, assisting another mom, etc. Thanks!


Could you be suffering from Postpartum Depression? Learn More


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Breastfeeding Weight loss After Baby  - Our breastfeeding safe program is for breastfeeding weight loss while breastfeeding to lose weight loss after the baby.  Postpartum breast feeding weight loss after baby moms. Safe breastfeeding weight loss is important to After Baby .com.

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