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Happy Marriages Good For The Heart! Women, who are happily married, tend to have healthier hearts than women are lonely or depressed. The study, which followed women for 10 years, concludes that a positive relationship has a positive effect on a woman's heart.

Bad News for Good Cholesterol!
According to a recent study, pregnancy appears to lower the level of good cholesterol in women. This drop can last for up to ten years in some. While this study is still in the early stages, the researchers have some ideas on how to combat the negative effects pregnancy has on good cholesterol. If you would like to check it out, please visit:

Pacifiers Fine For Preemies!
For years, the common conception has been that premature babies who were given pacifiers would not take well to breastfeeding. A recent study published in the British Medical Journal, provides evidence to the contrary. Their research has shown that preemies given a pacifier were equally successful at nursing as those only given a bottle. Even more surprising, their study also found that preemies fed milk with a cup took to the breast even faster. If you would like to read more please visit:

Good News About Folic Acid!
We all know that folic acid is incredibly important in the development of babies. Since the government started requiring makers of certain foods to fortify their products with folic acid, the percentage of babies born with spinal bifida has significantly dropped. This is, of course, good news to all women, but especially those of childbearing years. If you would like more details on this article, spinal bifida or folic acid, please visit:

New Changing Pad Protects Baby!
The CleenFreek Changing Pad was developed for parents, on the go. Now you can change your baby with complete confidence, whether at the mall, restaurant, or anywhere your active lifestyle takes you. Through a proprietary process, the fiber structure within each Changing Pad has been uniquely developed to store and release antimicrobial particles that inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungus, mold, mildew, are odor resistant and last for the life of the pad, over 200+ washings. Check them out at:

Birthday Boulevard!
Before you know it, your precious newborn is a rambunctious toddler. Is it time to start thinking about a first, second or third birthday party? Stork Avenue has all your invitations needs covered. Please check out our great selections at:

The Importance of Being Informed on Bedwetting!
Any parent with a child who has a bedwetting problem knows the stigmas associated with this common condition. If you are one of these patient parents therešs an article you might like to read. There is information now available on how to help your child both physically and emotiošnally. If this advice is needed, please take a moment to read more at:

Postpartum Weight loss: Weight loss After Baby!
We are different from any other weight loss program you have ever seen. We concentrate only on helping mothers; about 95% of our moms are breastfeeding.

We don't believe in programs that give you a crazy diet plan that just makes you hungrier and more depressed than before. Being a mother changes things in our lives, bodies and minds. We want to help you understand why the weight is there, and we want to not just help you reach your goal, but also teach you how to stay at your goal weight for the rest of your life.

Special and restrictive diets don't work, so we advocate using real foods and, because most of our foods don't give women (and mothers, especially) what they need to keep their bodies strong and healthy, we recommended using some nutritional supplements that can be incorporated as daily snacks or mixed with meals you love.

No mini frozen TV dinners, calorie counting or numbers games! No eating celery stalks while your family enjoys delivery! You can still indulge in your favorites foods and eat with your family! We will help you make realistic lifestyle changes that you can live with!

We aim for steady fat loss for our moms. We teach you how to make sure that each and every week you are losing fat, not simply shedding excess water weight or using your muscles to fuel your body.

Changing is something that many of us are not willing to do. Same actions, same results. We are not interested in helping you lose weight on a short-term basis. We want to help you learn how to control your eating, learn about nutrition and maintain your goal weight. When you change how you eat, cook, and shop, you will become a better role model for your family.

We offer personal, person-to-person support through email, internet messaging and phone.

We offer real weight loss solutions for mothers, specializing in weight loss for breastfeeding moms! Mothers have the hardest job in the world. If you don't feel like 100% of your potential, being the mother you want to be becomes even harder. We want to help! You do not have to be alone!
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Stork Avenue is one of the country's top birth announcement companies. With more than one million satisfied customers, Stork Avenue has proudly introduced the sons and daughters of royalty, celebrities, national and local leaders and special moms and dads just like you! We offer a wide variety of birth announcements, baby shower, christening and birthday invitations and much more!
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