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Breastfeeding : Postpartum Breastfeeding Weight Loss : Lose Weight While Breastfeeding : Breastfeeding Diet

Breastfeeding Weight loss :  Weight loss After Baby .com!

Breastfeeding Weight Loss : Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Diet & Postpartum Weight Loss While Breastfeeding


Frequently Asked Breastfeeding Weight Loss Questions


Learn why it's breastfeeding safe

Q.  I am breastfeeding.  Does offer breastfeeding diet or postpartum breastfeeding safe weight loss programs safe for me and my breastfeeding baby?
A.  Yes! Postpartum, breastfeeding diet / weight loss programs are located in our Breastfeeding Safe category.

Q.  I am breastfeeding.  Will my milk supply be effected negatively by the diet required when I start one an After Baby .com breastfeeding diet / postpartum weight loss programs?
A.  We do not set calorie restrictions on your eating diet / lifestyle because every mom uses a different amount of calories to make breast milk and needs to change their diet to lose weight while breastfeeding.  This program was started by a breastfeeding mom who nursed her children for a minimum of 2 years each!  We would not do anything to deprive you and your breastfeeding  baby from the wonderful experience and the many benefits that breastfeeding offers!  As a matter of fact, because of the great nutritional diet, we have had moms tell us that their breastfeeding milk supply increased!

Q.  Your quoted average postpartum breastfeeding weight loss of 3-4 pounds OR 3-4 inches to lose per week sounds like too much weight for a breastfeeding mom to lose while breastfeeding.  Please explain this.
A.  You may lose 1 pound of weight along with weight loss of 1/4 an inch in each arm, 1/2 an inch from each leg and then lose 1/2 an inch around your waist and lose 1 from your belly for a total weight loss while breastfeeding of 1 pound and 3 inches for the week.  The important thing about postpartum weight loss while breastfeeding is how you feel and how your clothes are fitting you when you lose the weight.

Q.  How do I know the After Baby .com Breastfeeding Safe products are safe for me to use while breastfeeding?
A.  These breastfeeding safe products are simply nutritional products!  If the products have any restrictions as to who can use them it is clearly stated on the packaging, as required by law. 

Q.  Why do you encourage weight loss using breastfeeding safe nutritional products instead of diet pills?
A.  Diet pills are not breastfeeding safe and they do not require you to change your diet /eating lifestyle for long term weight loss while breastfeeding.  Although you may lose the weight you want, you will most likely gain it all back creating more fat cells and becoming more miserable and, not to mention, possibly heavier than you were when you started the diet.  There is nothing more depressing than trying to lose all your weight just so you can gain it all back!

     After Baby .com Breastfeeding Safe Nutritional Products require you to make modifications to your diet / eating lifestyle.  Be realistic!  Who wants to munch on a side salad when you are having a celebration dinner with your friends?  Why should you be punished for having lose weight after having a baby or simply carrying some extra pounds while breastfeeding?


Q.  If the breastfeeding safe products are not "weight loss" products, then how will they help me lose weight?
A.  The breastfeeding safe nutritional products provide you and your breastfeeding baby with the great nutrition that you need while breastfeeding, all while helping you control your portions, until we can get you in the habit of eating the right foods when your body needs them.
    For us to enjoy life and food, every meal cannot be a perfectly nutritious diet! ...That is where comes in! We have lived the changes, putting it to the test and it works!  We will guide you to make livable, realistic changes in your diet / eating lifestyle while breastfeeding.  When you purchase our breastfeeding safe nutritional products, you are purchasing breastfeeding safe food and weight loss support from someone who has been in your shoes!  Click Here to view our breastfeeding weight loss story.

Q.  Will I gain weight after I stop the After Baby .com breastfeeding weight loss program?
A.  Our main goal for you is to help you form better eating habits while breastfeeding. It is not a diet. This is a proven eating lifestyle change. We will send you educational information on the foods that you should concentrate on eating more of and the foods that you should consume only in moderation. We will help you change your eating habits for the better, so that once you achieve your weight loss goal while breastfeeding, you will be armed with the knowledge and "habits" to maintain your weight loss on your own.

Q.  We are on a tight budget.  What am I paying for when I start an After Baby .com breastfeeding weight loss programs?
A.  You are purchasing breastfeeding safe food from Me rather than your grocer, which allows Me to afford to offer you weight loss support!  You will receive support for the weight loss program via email and by phone to help you reach your weight loss goal.  We will send you everything you need via email (directions, recipes, educational info & testimonials).   In addition, you will also be invited to join our breastfeeding weight loss support group, which consists exclusively of over 300 breastfeeding (& not) moms (new and returning ones) with whom you can share your weight loss goals and tips on how to lose weight safely, while breastfeeding!

Q.  We are trying to get pregnant.   Is it safe to be using After Baby .com products while trying to conceive?
A.  There are three key products that were manufactured for over all good health, which are the nutritional mix, the multivitamin and the digestive health capsules.  You may use them to simply add great nutrition to your diet / eating lifestyle, for weight loss while breastfeeding or weight gain because they are simply food products, which is why they are breastfeeding safe and safe to use during pregnancy and/or breastfeeding.  We encourage you to use the products while breastfeeding for great nutrition rather than focusing on weight loss during pregnancy and enjoy the wonderful miracle that is taking place inside of you!

Q.  Are all of your products safe to use during pregnancy and to use to lose weight while breastfeeding?
A.  Absolutely, not!  Only the products and programs under these specified categories may be considered: Breastfeeding Safe or Healthy Pregnancy

Q.  Where do I start?  I see so many programs.  How do I know which one is right for me?
A.  If you are over 150 pounds, we would recommend the 150 or the Basic Program with Protein Powder.
If you are under 150 pounds, we recommend the ReShape Program along with the Cell Activator, which is approximately a 30 day supply or the Basic Program for approximately a 3 weeks supply when used for weight loss while breastfeeding.  It is really a matter of preference and budget!  We would be happy to speak with you to help you find a breastfeeding weight loss program that suits your needs, so do not hesitate to give Me a call at 877.432.8567. (877.4.fat. loss)

Q.  How will I know how to use the breastfeeding weight loss products on my breastfeeding weight loss program?
We will send you everything you need via email (directions, recipes, educational info & testimonials). As you lose weight, we will be here for you to report your inches/weight loss per week and to give you strength to keep it up! :)

Do you have a question that you feel might benefit other breastfeeding moms to read?

 Please let Me know!

Okay, please don't be too harsh in your judgment.  This not my worst and definitely not our best, but these photos give you an idea of the changes you can make and proof that it works!  We didn't expect to be posting these on a website for all of the world to see.  :)

Breastfeeding Weight Loss After Baby #1  >  Breastfeeding Baby #2  >  Breastfeeding Baby #3

Breastfeeding Weightloss  AfterBaby.comBreastfeeding Weight Loss  AfterBaby.comBreastfeeding Weight Loss  2008

Breastfeeding Before over 175lbs -  After at 135lbs   2000

Breastfeeding is a blessing and I have breastfed all 3 of my babies for a minimum of 2 years. I definitely know the importance of breastfeeding! 

I also know the importance of a mother's mental and physical health, which is why we have offered breastfeeding safe, weight loss programs using our breastfeeding safe nutritional products since 2002. 

Breastfeeding Safe Nutritional Products + Eating Lifestyle / Diet Change + Support (Me)

= Successful, Long-term Weight Loss While Breastfeeding

Call Me Toll-Free: 1-877-4-FAT-LOSS


Breastfeeding Diet : Postpartum Weight Loss : Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

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Postpartum Breastfeeding Weight loss After Baby  - We support breastfeeding moms, postpartum weight loss after the baby. Breastfeeding and weight loss is important to After Baby .com.  Breastfeeding and weight loss programs are available while breastfeeding, weight loss after the baby.

lose weight after baby .com: postpartum weight loss after baby : breastfeeding safe weightloss to help you lose weight while breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding Weight loss After Baby  - Our breastfeeding safe program is for breastfeeding weight loss while breastfeeding to lose weight loss after the baby.  Postpartum breast feeding weight loss after baby moms. Safe breastfeeding weight loss is important to After Baby .com.

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